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Singer, Song-writer, Model, Producer

Here is my story and all about my journey to becoming a multi hyphenated talent, out of the heart of New Orleans, La

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Nathan Greaux, singer, songwriter and producer has broken out of his conventional gospel sound of melodies as he gives us a glimpse into the beauty of his voice in his new project Bloom. Which is so delightful and full of purified air all you want to do is close your eyes and "Just Breathe"in the moment of the background vocals as he takes us on an adventurous trip into bliss with his smooth tones and perfect pitch, leading us into a Wanderlust of his new delivery of truth and heart break surrounded by harmonieS one would normally hear in Southern churches on Sunday mornings.


This project is a celebration of songs as it is so "Obvious" that Nathan has grown musically, leaving his listeners on a new high where his vocal range seems to fly beyond the clouds.  The sky is the limit on this compilation. I absolutely love the direction as it screams mainstream, proving that this artists can sing any genre of music


-Diva Dionne Character 

Entertainment Editor: Data News Weekly





Making it's debut on Nathan's latest album "Bloom","Remember Me" is a song about love after romance.

                                            tells the story of maturation and  going through a metamorphosis in romance. From being in love, to being heart broken, and back in love again. 


 Experiencing the highs and lows of love are definitely a 

 significant challenge in everyone's life. It's how well we handle  them that determines the volume of our blooming. This  project tells the story of Nathan's blooming and how he experienced growth through pain and loss.


At the height of the 2019-20 coronavirus global pandemic, Nathan began to explore his own entrepreneurial journey. Starting as just a way to help his family and friends become more immunologically equipped and physically fit during the pandemic, he was faced with the challenge of finding affordable ways to achieve this goal. After much research and product development, he started to notice that his family and friends began to benefit from this holistic care. Soon thereafter, Nathan desired to share what he had learned about holistic health with his community. Thus Nate's all-natural products were conceived. His products serve and is a contributing factor to both his community and aiding in combating the COVID-19 virus. From a humble beginning to a consistent customer return of over 150 subscriptions. Selling products like his Wild Crafted Sea Moss Gel, Aloe Vera Gel, Elder Berry Tincture, Ginger Shots, and Turmeric Elixircustomers are sure to find an all-natural and holistic solution for their physiological and immunological needs. Nate's all-natural products are making a small yet significant impact in the Greater New Orleans area. 



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